Oh yeah guess who is going to this show :) super excited….


1911 Lubiam Cerimonia Spring/Summer 2014

One of my closest friends Jimmy and I the one in blue walking in downtowm phoenix by the d back stadium.

Having some good time with my friends from El Paso on top of the rooftop bar in Mill Ave.

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 Naruto mode sennin. 

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Why is it taking forever for this to download i just want to play already :(

Whats up with people always writing an action of something their doing for example *presses the post button* so fucking childish like people it is not ok unless your still in high school or have immature problems


2014: The year of the Flappy Bird

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The first official single of the upcoming release due on February 14, 2014


It’s so nice to know there’s somebody out there 
'Cause honey I've been waiting for you all of my life 
Now that I found you, I’ll do my best to make you happy 
'Cause baby you're the reason why there's heaven 
(Do you believe in Heaven?) 

'Cause you, are the one for me 
And you, are the reason I believe 
In Love 

I don’t know what I would’ve done without you 
'Cause honey I swear to you I felt like my time was running out 
But now that I found you, I’ll do my best to satisfy you 
In your bed, and honey in your mind 

'Cause you, are the one for me 
And you, are the reason I believe 
That love, can come to everyone 

– I don’t know what you want from me 
But I’ll do it, for You 
And if you throw your pride away 
You might see it 2 –

Written, arranged, recorded and performed by Stefan of The Age.

Recorded at The Lovestudio in San Francisco, California.

You guys should listen to this, it is badass, a good friend from high school is releasing his album it is electro/rock and roll style.